Assurant Reviews

The customer service rep I spoke with was instrumental in getting my phone issue taken care of. Just a few days after I talked to her, I had my replacement phone. The insurance plan is so worth the little I pay on a monthly basis. Go Assurant!


I would recommend it to anyone because it was fast and the customer service was excellent. I am 100% satisfied with my replacement device; it's brand new and works great! My device that I returned was so difficult to use because the screen was broken. This device is as good as it gets!


It's always so easy to work with this company. People are helpful and the response time is so fast. For people who tend to not have very good luck with cell phones, this is such a blessing!


One phone call is all it took. Your representatives were professional and efficient. They informed me my phone would be locked ASAP and I would have one the next day. I received my replacement phone the next day at 2 p.m. No hassles. No stress. Amazing service. Thank you so much.


I must admit that I was feeling apprehensive about receiving the promised 'refurbished or new' iPhone from Assurant. When the Assurant box arrived in the mail, I first thought, "Oh no! It's 'refurbished'", but inside the box was a great iPhone! It's terrific. I was able to insert the SIM card from my prior phone into the 'new' one. Voilà! Success! THANK YOU, ASSURANT!


Outstanding service. VERY fast handling of replacement request and shipping. Replacement device is outstanding. More than pleased with the professional and efficient services I received.


Definitely love that in any situation, whether it's a lost or stolen phone, you can easily have it replaced and mailed to you within a week. The cost is a little high but worth it! I love my replacement iPhone 6 more than anything. Thank you!


The claim process was user-friendly (via web). The replacement product arrived in one business day. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the process. Thank you.


This was one of the best customer service experiences ever. Phones are so important and to be without one is a total inconvenience. Assurant lived up to their commitment and honored the claim without question. The insurance was well worth it.


The representative I spoke to was thorough in providing information about my claim, as well as the process behind it. There was never a moment of confusion and she spoke with respect and kindness.


I chose this rating because Assurant Solutions gave me options that were specific for my claim. They walked me through what I needed to do and they were extremely kind.


In a stressful situation of no longer having my smartphone, the process to file a claim was as stress-free and painless as possible. Also, it was performed quickly and efficiently and my replacement phone was in my hands as quickly as possible. Highly recommend that everyone with a smartphone gets insurance coverage with Assurant!


Reliable in every way. Very much appreciated.


The staff I spoke with were concerned and helpful in assisting me with my claim. The process went quickly and I was amazed at how fast I had my replacement phone in hand. The new phone was just like my old one except the color. But I'm not concerned, it doesn't make the phone work any better. Excellent service!


You made something as stressful and painful as losing a mobile device so much more manageable and I feel my personal information is protected with your service. It was very professional and courteous. Thank you.


My daughter was in a serious car accident and when I called to get a replacement phone for her it could not have been easier. The customer service agent was concerned, polite and efficient. During such a stressful time, this was the easiest thing I had to get done. Thank you.


After my phone was damaged accidentally, my only option was to go through my carrier web account. It was easy to follow the insurance claim instructions. It took only an hour for Assurant Solutions to approve my claim and four hours later they shipped my phone with overnight shipping. I received the phone the next day, which made me so happy. Thank you so much.


I appreciate the thought of knowing that you care about how we feel as customers about the service as well as the product. It's important to know our voice counts. Thank you for listening.


This is the second time my phone was stolen and insurance has been simple and quick both times. I was so satisfied that, when I bought a refurbished laptop...I insured it with Assurant. Keep up the wonderful service!


I ended up canceling my replacement device, but the device had already shipped. When I called to cancel, they were informative and helpful when they explained the return process to me and how to get my deductible back. I also received follow-up emails and phone calls to make sure I was able to return the replacement and get my deductible back. I am so happy that I purchased insurance because Assurant Solutions is a quality company to work with. They made everything smooth and painless. Thank you!


We received the phone quickly and it was a brand new one versus a refurbished one. I was pleased with the whole process from beginning to end. Thank you so much for all the help. I had to call because we were unable to remove the data from the phone as my daughter had not uploaded it to a cloud and the phone would not turn on. The man who assisted us was so nice and explained that it would be "scrubbed" once they received it. I was happy with all aspects of this company and I wish there were more like it around. The process was very easy to do. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Your representative was conscientious of my concerns with getting my device replaced quickly. There was an issue with a form that I never had to fill out before when making a claim. Your rep was diplomatic and customer-friendly: while expressing regret that the form must be completed (and undergo a possible three day processing period), your rep assured me that they will do what they can to expedite the process. He called me back and told me that he got my form and that it would be being processed soon. I got my replacement phone on the next business day. Great service. I was thoroughly happy with it, and surprised too, considering the kind of customer service I get from other companies. You guys were great.


The phone delivered, was so quick, there were absolutely no complaints. You have put this program together well. It was a horrible situation for my son's phone to be stolen. Your program is so helpful in a hard situation. Thank you.

Ray, WI

I knew insurance was important but I had no idea just how helpful, QUICKLY RESPONSIVE and actually caring all my reps were! Wonderful, spectacular, incredibly happy with my services received. Thank you all so much!!

Christi, IA

It was a professional and courteous experience from start to finish. I couldn't be more satisfied! Thank You.

Peter, ME

One of the best businesses I've ever had to deal with. Wish more businesses were like you.

Edythe, OK

They were very helpful and made me feel confident with them.

Nicole, WI

Very impressed with your services and what a lifesaver having this protection. Job well done folks. Keep up the great work.

Andre, IL

I received my replacement phone within 24 hours of making my claim. Was quick and hassle-free.

William , IL

I was very pleased from start to finish with how my claim was handled. True pro's handling all of this business.

Kelly, WI

Our rep was extremely helpful and the process painless. Thank you for a great transaction process. Really appreciative of the next day delivery service.

Janine, WI

Very fast and friendly service. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service. Most people have their whole life in their phone, and its hard enough to deal with the loss of all that information, not to mention jumping through hoops with insurance companies (any type) who don't want to replace your lost/broken item. Assurant was no-hassles, friendly, and very fast. Great job!

Tanja, IA

The person we dealt with (Robin) was very helpful and we had our phone the very next day! The service we received was exceptional!

Lisa, NE

I couldn't believe how quickly your company processed my claim. The employees I spoke to were very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you so much for taking care of me so well.

Kathleen, WI

I got the best customer service ever, I got helped out and all my questions were answered without hesitation. To top it off, my phone got here in less than a day.

Maria, CA

Customer service was pleasant, very easy to deal with and very efficient.

Elena, OR

Submitting the claim was easy and I received my replacement right away! Was very satisfied.

John, KS

A very smooth process. Wish I wouldn't have lost my phone in the first place but getting it replaced was pain free and an easy process…thank you!

Jeffrey, IA

The quickness with which you processed my claim was amazing.

Jody, IA

Very timely and friendly and helpful service. Received my new phone in 24 hours. Thank you.

Marcia, IA

Excellent! Helpful people on the phone, rapid service in replacing device.

Ruth, ME

The online claim process was a breeze and I received my phone the very next business day. Thank you.

Sharon, OK

Your customer service representative was very personable and helpful and the claim was taken care of right away!

Robert, IA

Assurant's response-time and shipment of my replacement device was AWESOME! Shipping my damaged device was hassle-free as well. Assurant ROCKS!

Larry, WI

I was helped by the nicest representative! She was knowledgeable and very helpful during a stressful time! I had no idea the swiftness of the delivery! Got phone very next day! It's nice to feel like your business is appreciated and that's how I felt!! Sincerely.

Michelle, NC

The customer service rep was VERY friendly and efficient. We couldn't believe that the phone reached us in less than 24 hours. We are VERY pleased with all aspects of the transaction and would certainly recommend.

Jennifer, IL

Claim process was a breeze and replacement phone arrived the next day. Excellent service deserves highest ratings.

Sara, NC

Filing the claim was easy and fast. I received the replacement device the very next day. That was outstanding customer service!

Keri, WI

It was easy and quick, no issues at all. That is the way warranty is supposed to work. Great job. Keep up the friendly and quick service. Thank you.

Ronald, OR

I was more than pleased. I made my claim on Monday and my new device was at my doorstep on Tuesday!

Jeffrey, MO

Very professional and easy to work with. They made the process very smooth.

Michael, WI

You folks provided me with the best service that I've ever gotten! You were on top of it! Thank you so very much!

Mark, WA