Electronics, Appliance, & Jewelry Protection

When you’re shopping for protection, experience counts. We’ve been protecting the things that matter most to people for decades. Today, we have over 150 million active protection plans in place, covering a wide range of electronics, appliances, jewelry and other major purchases. All this experience means you can count on us to provide the protection you want for the things that matter to you.


​We know how much you rely on the electronics you use every day. TV’s, tablets, laptops, computers and phones are your connection to the world, and you can’t afford to be out of commission. You can count on us to provide support, solve a wide range of problems and keep your electronics humming.

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​​You may not spend a lot of time thinking about your stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and washer/dryer. You just expect them to be there when you need them. When you're hungry, dirty or tired, your appliances are things that really matter.

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​Jewelry purchases are among the most meaningful that we make in our lifetime. Rings, necklaces and watches mark special occasions and life events, and are often passed down from generation to generation. Protection plan can help ensure these special keepsakes are cared for.

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What’s the difference between a manufacturer’s warranty, an extended warranty and a protection plan?
Most major purchases come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers you against failure or defects. This coverage is generally pretty limited, short term, and for smaller items, you’ll probably be responsible for shipping your purchase for diagnostics and repair. ‘Extended warranties’ or ‘extended service plans’ are common names for protection plans. People buy protection plans to more thoroughly protect the item they’re buying. These plans are often much more flexible and comprehensive than a manufacturer’s warranty, offering a wide variety of options. Many protection plans cover you against common accidents like drops and spills or common problems like loss and theft. And they may also provide technical support and opportunities to trade & upgrade. Protection plans make sure you will enjoy your purchase for many years, worry free.

When does my coverage start?
Always review your terms and conditions for coverage details on your specific protection plan, but most plans offer valuable coverage starting on day one. All include coverage that becomes effective the day after your manufacturer’s warranty expires.

How long will my coverage last, and what does it cover?
Your Assurant protection plan will cover you for years after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, depending on which plan you choose. Protection plans typically cover mechanical & electrical failure and defects in materials & workmanship, but terms and conditions may vary by plan, so be sure to check your policy so you can take advantage of all the value your plan provides.

What if I need to make a claim? Is it complicated? It’s easy to make a claim. Just contact us through the number on your policy. If your covered item needs repair, we have a huge network of service providers that are experts in caring for the things that matter to you. With over 9,000 servicers in the U.S. alone, we’ll find the right one for you. We’re proud of our service providers and work hard to ensure they do a quality job every time.