Assurant for Individuals

We know you work hard for the money you earn and the things you buy. That’s why we work so hard to help you protect them. Every day, all around the world, Assurant helps protect the things that matter to consumers like you. Things like your appliances, electronics and mobile devices. Things like your financial security in times of stress or change. You can count on Assurant to be there for you when you need us most.

electronics, appliance & jewelry protection

Major purchases like kitchen appliances, smartphones, flat-screen TVs, computers and jewelry cost a lot of money. When you make a purchase from a retail store or website, you might be offered an extended service plan as well. Our plans provide protection from things like mechanical breakdown, accidental damage, loss and theft, long after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. We also provide services like tech support that help make sure you get the most value from the things you buy.

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vehicle protection

​For many of us, our car, truck or boat is the most expensive purchase we will make with the exception of our home. We rely on our vehicles to get to work and to care for ourselves and our families. That’s why so many people choose the extra protection that a vehicle service contract affords. Vehicle dealers around the world offer our service contracts. If you missed the opportunity to purchase protection at the dealer, you still have options.

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mobile protection

Mobile carriers around the world partner with Assurant to help keep people like you protected and connected. We’ve been in the protection business for decades, and we know how much your mobile device and your data matter to you. Through our carrier and retail partners, we help make sure your data and your device are safe from a range of perils, including mechanical breakdown, accidental damage, loss and theft.

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Pre-funded funeral insurance

​Nobody wants to think about the inevitable end of the line. But we all know it's coming, and there’s something you can do to make it easier. Pre-funded funeral insurance pays for your "final expenses" in advance, so your family won't have to pick up the tab. Our funeral insurance is sold through funeral homes throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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payment protection

As unemployment numbers remain high, people worry about what would happen if they were to lose their job. We offer a wide variety of payment protection products that help cover outstanding debt in the case of unexpected job loss, disability or a death in the family. This type of product is often offered through major financial institutions or credit card companies.

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