Mobile Protection

We know how much you count on your mobile device. So when it falls & breaks, gets lost or stolen, or simply fails to work properly, you need help…now. You can count on us to be there when the unexpected happens with friendly service and a fast resolution. Mobile protection plans from Assurant help get you up and running quickly and easily. Speak to your service provider to find out how device protection can help you stay protected and connected. Already protected with Assurant? File or track your claim at our Mobile Protection Center.

device protection

​We partner with the mobile service providers and retailers you trust; providing support, protection and security for the devices that you rely on every day. We protect a wide range of mobile devices, from phones and tablets to mobile hotspots, routers/modems, netbooks and more. We protect them from things like loss, theft, accidental damage and mechanical or electronic malfunction…for long beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. Protection terms and conditions vary from plan to plan, so contact your mobile service provider for more information about the protection options available to you.

data protection

​​Your smartphone and tablet matter a lot to you. But your data? Sometimes that matters a whole lot more. That’s why it’s so important not just to protect your device, but to protect the information your device connects you to. Things like the contact information of your family and friends. Your email. Your business files. Your finances and bank accounts. Assurant offers a variety of services that complement device protection. Things like real-time tracking, lock and wipe, anti-malware and credit monitoring so you can keep yourself, your data and your device safe and sound.

technical support

​When you combine sophisticated devices with advanced features and millions of apps, you could find yourself needing to add some technical expertise to the mix. Assurant partners with mobile service providers to bring you technical know-how that can help you get the most out of your device and keep things running smoothly. Innovative technical support solutions provide customers with self-help options and give you a heads up if something’s fishy with your device. Troubleshooting software can nip small problems in the bud, before they become big ones.


Why should I protect my mobile device? Don't they have warranties? For most of us, our mobile devices are our connection to the world. But every day, people lose access to that connection due to things like mechanical or electrical breakdown, accidental damage, loss or theft. A manufacturer’s warranty typically covers just mechanical or electrical failure, and only for a year. Assurant mobile protection plans cover much more than that, for years beyond the warranty. Protection plans protect your mobile device from a wide variety of perils including theft, loss, spills, malfunction and accidental damage s. And an easy claims process will get you a repair or replacement quickly. Terms and conditions of protection plans vary depending on your mobile service provider or retailer and the plan you choose, so be sure you understand all the benefits your plan provides.

Who is Assurant? Assurant is one of the world’s leading providers of protection plans. But if you’ve never heard of us, that’s okay. We quietly partner with major brands around the world, providing the protection plans consumers need. We’re okay with that because at the end of the day, we know that when the moment of truth comes, we’ll be here to deliver on our promise of protection. We’ve been protecting consumers around the world for decades, and we’ve seen a lot of change. One thing all that experience has taught us is to keep looking ahead. As your protection needs change you can bet we’ll still be here, standing ready to protect the things that matter most to you.


Here’s a few simple things you can do to protect your mobile:

  • If you're not making a call, keep your phone tucked away. Don’t leave it sitting out on a table.
  • Make calls in well-lit, public places whenever possible. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Keep your data backed up at all times and take advantage of password protection and other security features.
  • If your mobile device is stolen, report it immediately.