Vehicle Protection

In today’s challenging economy, more people are choosing to keep their vehicles longer than they used to. That means more people are driving their vehicles long after the factory warranty has expired. Vehicle protection plans are a great way to ensure your car, motorcycle, watercraft or RV remains safe and in good working order. And they also protect you from the sticker shock that unexpected repair bills can cause.


​Factory warranties are great, but the protection they provide is limited and they have a shelf life. A vehicle protection plan provides comprehensive protection from problems that your warranty might not cover, and protects your vehicle far longer than a warranty can. You can also get additional benefits like roadside assistance.

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Recreational Vehicle

​​RV’s, motor homes and travel trailers are a great way to experience the diversity of the world we live in. And in this time of economic uncertainty, they can also make a lot financial sense. Before you invest in a recreational vehicle, make sure you understand the additional benefits an extended service plan can provide.

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Your boat or watercraft can provide years of happy memories for you and your family. The best way to ensure your watercraft stays on the water and not in dry dock is to invest in a protection plan. Watercraft protection covers a wide range of parts from mechanical failure, and ensures you’re protected from big repair bills.

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​​Motorcycle owners have a unique relationship with their machines. Motorcycles are more than mere possessions, and they deserve special care. Protection plans can provide a shield from unexpected repairs for major motorcycle components and hundreds of parts.

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What is a vehicle protection plan?
A vehicle protection plan (or vehicle service contract) supplements the manufacturer's warranty in some areas and extends it in others, helping protect vehicle owners from the high cost of repair bills and providing a range of additional benefits and services.

Why should I buy a vehicle protection plan?
The reality is, most vehicles will need some kind of mechanical repair at some point. As your vehicle ages, the likelihood for mechanical repair increases, and with the rising cost of vehicle repairs, a protection plan is a smart way to plan ahead for future breakdowns and unexpected repairs.

How do I place a claim?
It’s easy! Contact your dealer or an authorized repair facility and provide them with your protection plan contract information. Your dealer or repair facility will contact our claims service department and authorized repair claims will be paid directly to them.